Beyonce Wedding Ring, What Looks Like?

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Beyonce Wedding Ring, What Looks Like? – Beyonce knowles is, without a doubt a great superstar. Started career in early 1990’s with her girlband she rose in fame with over hundreds of millions of albums sold worldwide In 2005 however her band disbanded and she started her solo career. She also won no less than 20 grammy awards for her achievements, with 52 times of nominations. She also acted as producers and songwriters with main theme of female empowerment and sexiness. However after her relationship with Jay-Z she began to write song that more man-tending.


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Beside song writing, singing and entertainment related activities. Beyonce knowles also known with her fashion brand, known as House of Dereon. It was formed in 2004 with her mother Tina knowles who serve as lead fashion designer. Beyonce further expand the reputation of the brand by featuring it in her songs and in other media like well known Oprah Winfrey show and Tyra Banks show. In 2006 a less expensive version of Dereon were launched, referred as Junior Line Dereon, it produces more casual wears. In 2012 however this brand was discontinued.

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One popular topic about Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z is their wedding ring. Beyonce wedding ring is known to be second most expensive wedding ring ever. Totaling over U$ 5 million dollars. It used 18 carat of diamond with white gold as ring material. The designer of Beyonce wedding ring wasLorraine Schwartza famous jewelry designer. Her designs are well known and loved by popular celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Cate Blanchett were all Lorraine Schwartz’s customer.

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Because of the expensive nature of the ring. Jay-z as Beyonce’s husband planned to make a less expensive copy of that ring so that Beyonce can still wear it during her concert. Beyonce wedding ring however also started an unofficial competition of wedding ring among actress. Media started to compare her ring with Paris Hilton’s 4.7 Million dollar worth ring. However unlike Beyonce, Paris didn’t led a happy life with it. She end up auctioned the ring for charity. Another massive ring that now really outshine Beyonce’s ring was recent Mariah Carey’s giant 35 carat diamond wedding ring. James packer, an Australian casino network owner enlisted help of a world famed jewerly designer Wilfredo Rosado to create a ring using 35 carat diamond and precious white gold/platinum base material. The result was a 7.5 million U$ dollar worth ring which Rosado refers as the most challenging design he ever tried.

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