Amethyst Wedding Rings

Amethyst Wedding Rings-Pic 01-an Amethyst Ring

Amethyst wedding bands, It might not a diamond that some seemingly desires. But the seductive, the mythology behind it and other characteristics like being more affordable and plentiful make amethyst still an extravagant choice of jewelry gemstone. In this article however we will offer a bit of history of the gemstones and some choosing tips so readers can have a “starting point” to pick the best gem for their amethyst rings.

Earthen history of Amethyst

Amethyst formation remains not fully understood by science. It is known however that Amethyst can be found in a type of volcanic or sedimentary rock known as “Geodes”. It looks like a plain rock on the outside.However it has a cavity inside filled with beautiful crystal like amethyst. Scientists however offered a theory about formation of Geodes, first the formation of cavity and later formation of the crystal.

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The cavity formationwithin the geodes initially starteda surface volcanic activity. Lava produced from the activity formed a gas bubble inside its flow. The gas bubble may originate from the lava’s path of flow or other causes like lava that flows over plants or crops. whichever occured the lava cools rapidly without filling the cavity.

Amethyst containing geodes

Amethyst Wedding Ring-Pic 02-Amethyst containing Geodes

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As the time passes the cavity will be filled with other material, like silica rich liquid, this liquid will form the amethyst crystal. It may also contain traces of impurities like iron which give its famous alluring purple color. Nonetheless a geodes may also contain any other form of crystalslike quartz or jasper.

Amethyst open pit mine at Canada

Amethyst Wedding Rings-Pic 03-Amethyst open pit mine at Canada

Mining of the Amethyst are similar to one in diamond, either with large open pit mine where the geodes deposit located very near to the surface or underground where specialized equipment have to be brought in play. The geological spread of Amethyst are wide with major producing nation like Brazil, Russian Federation, Zambia, Austria, India, Uruguay, India and South Korea. Amethyst also found in many other nations including the United States and Canada.

Other form of geodes that contain crystaline white quartz

Amethyst wedding rings- Pic 04- Other form of geodes that contain white quartz

From raw ore to gems

After mining, the raw amethyst crystal will underwent series of sorting and processing where the gems will be sorted, cut and graded according to GIA which stands for Gemological Institute of America. The typical color of Amethyst is purple, however there might also other impurities that may affect color formation. Amethyst is also unique that it can change color by means of heat. Amethyst also have variation in its basic purple color, ranged from clear to very dark reddish-purple color.

Amethyst color variation

Amethyst Wedding Rings-Pic 05-Amethyst color variation

The gem dealer may favor those gems having highly saturated but not too dark reddish purple color. The abundance of Amethyst today allows it to have lower cost gemstone for jewelry, one may easily get beautiful amethyst wedding rings at price range below U$ 1000.

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