A stainless steel ring with finish as alternative wedding rings

A stainless steel ring with finish as alternative wedding rings – Steel ring suppliers are plenty and odds are your favorite jewelry store might have one available for you. As a ring steels are fine except that there might be problem with chlorinated water, the ring may also contain bit trace of nickel which may cause allergy for some people. So, we have some best alternative wedding rings for you.


Another everyday life material that could be the candidate for mens unique wedding bands the aluminum. For this one you can even make it yourself based on available online course at youtube or website. Online shop are also available should you just want to order one.

Aluminum ring

alternative wedding rings-Aluminum ring

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The possible down side of using aluminum as material is that they are bit brittle and if damaged they would be hard to weld.

Tungsten carbide

Tungsten or Wolfram is a kind of very hard and very dense metal. Those properties defines its function for a task require dense and heavy metal like ballast filling for aircraft and as a military anti tank munition material. It’s so hard and difficult to machine and even impossible to forge due to its hardness. However recently interest has growth on using this tough material due its non-allergic properties and special process have been developed to tame this tough and hard material.

Tungsten carbide ring

alternative wedding rings-Tungsten carbide ring

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Nowadays tungsten carbide ring can be purchased online from many web shop so if you want mens unique wedding bands using tungsten, you can have one. Cost are not an issue. However just like titanium, not many shops out there can work out this material for possible re-scaling.


When hearing palladium, one thing a man might conclude is either a brand of sport geared spark plug or Tony Stark’s heartplug arc reactor core before he invented a new element to replace it. But believe it or not it’s now a part of jewelry. Mens unique wedding bands can be made out of it. Palladium is one of the world’s rarest metal, until recently it’s application is in industrial area where it serve as chemical catalyst. The interest toward palladium jewelry stems from very same non-toxic and low allergic property of the metal. It’s also cheaper than platinum.

Palladium ring

alternative wedding rings-Palladium ring

The cons side is similar as previous rings, not many shops work on this and not every jewelry design can use this material. However for mens unique wedding bands you may just use this rare earth metal.

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