5 Best Inspirations of Braided Updos for Long Hair

Loveweddingplan.com – Braided hairstyle never goes out of date. This is a classic hairstyle that survives from generation to generation and has a wide variety of style. This hairstyle also has so many fans, because it’s looks really beautiful to apply and looks beautiful too in our daily activities.

What your favorite braided hairstyle? Simple, ponytail braided style, or maybe even hippie style? There’re many braided hairstyle you can try.

So, what about braided updos hair? Let’s check them out. You can choose them as your daily braided style or even in a prom and your wedding day!

Simple Braided Hairstyle

simple braided-hairstyles braidos updos for long hair

So, this is the first braided updos for hair. A simple braided hairstyle never goes out of date. You can apply this simple hairstyle before going to your prom! This is also flawless, clean-looking appearance, yet so sweet and elegant.

Twisted Braided Style

Twisted Braided Style hair for Wedding

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This is also a very simple braided hairstyle which you can use in your daily activities like school or hang out with your friends, and one of the simplest braided hairstyle you can try. This twisted braided style also quick to apply, so if you don’t want wasting your time to braiding your hair, you can try this twisted style. Is also pretty to see!

Braided Hairstyle with Flowers

Braided with Flower-Braided updos for long hair

A really beautiful braided hairstyle, but maybe a little complicated to apply. This is a perfect hairstyle for your wedding, because it looks really elegant and glamour. Add flower on the back and you’re ready to walk down the aisle. The guest will also love your appearance!

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style fishtail raid updos for wedding hair

Look at this braided hairstyle! So pretty! If you have really long thick hair, you can try this elegant and full of beauty Bohemian hairstyle. There’s braided hair in front of your forehead, which make your appearance more unique and elegant. This hairstyle also gives you glamour looks and this braided hairstyle is quite famous in 2016. Want to try this hairstyle too?

Jennifer Lawrence Style

Jennifer Lawrence Braided updos for long hair

If we talk about braided hair, there’sKatnissEverdeen that has simple and memorable. Jennifer Lawrence also has other beautiful braided hairstyle. With this hairstyle, you’re ready to go to your prom or even other special event!

What’s your favorite braided updos for long hair? Each of them has very own charm and beauty of its own. Which one you choose for your prom, other special event, or even wedding?

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