4 Recommended Cake Stand For Wedding for Perfect Look

Loveweddingplan.com – For wedding, some people always try to prepare the best, including stand for wedding cake. Actually there are so many kinds of cake stand that we can choose. We can choose that cake stand that suitable for our wedding theme. Maybe choosing the cake stand is a simple thing, but if you want a perfect wedding, you need to pay attention at any details. There are many kinds of cake stand you can buy or even make a custom cake stand that you want. Here are some variations of cake stand that you can grab.

Wooden Cake Stand

Wooden cake stand is not as expensive as another cake stand. It is cheaper and so simple. Even though that it shows it natural wooden texture, it can still become an elegant cake stand for wedding. Beside that, it is lighter and easy to take. Over all, wooden cake stand can be used in both elegant and more casual wedding style.

wooden cake standing

wooden Cake Stand for wedding

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Glass Cake stand

If you want some more sparkling cake stand, you can choose a glass cake stand. Nowadays, there are many kinds of glass cake stand that have many models. Not only has one stand, now glass cake stand has more shape. Not only a clear white glass, but now you can choose much glass color to your cake stand. Some cake stands even providemany cute and funny shapes. But we should be careful in placing and taking this glass made cake stand.

Glass Cake stand for wedding

Ceramic Cake stand

If you want more a fully elegant wedding atmosphere, then you can choose ceramic cake stand for wedding. Ceramic made cake stand is a traditional item to choose. Even though this is a traditional cake stand that use since many times ago, but it is still suitable for wedding until today. Ceramic is heavier rather than glass and it is strong enough to hold bigger wedding cake.

Ceramic Cake stand for wedding

Plastic Wedding Cake Stand

In case you don’t want to spend much more money and want something that is lighter and easy to take care, plastic cake stand is a good choice. Plastic cake stand for wedding can be a good choice for many people in many shape variations. Even though that this is a plastic base cake stand, but don’t be worried, this cake stand is strong enough to hold your wedding cake for sure. Many kinds of color are also other good points.

Plastic Wedding Cake Stand

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